Average Home Index

This estimate is based on a house with 2349 sq. ft. of living space and 3760 sq. ft. total under roof.

Framing includes treated and spf plates, finger joint studs, engineered wood beams, ZipWall sheathing and SPF, pine and/or fir joists, rafters and ridge material. Radiant barrier decking and high performance synthetic felt are included. All cornice material, exterior door and window trims and sidings are cement based products. There are also a number of rough cedar posts, beams and gable louvers as well as beaded white pine porch ceilings used in this calculation. This price does not include foundation materials, windows, doors, drywall, shingles, mouldings or taxes.

This information is intended as an estimate only. Its purpose is to show our customers a recent trend in the costs of materials only that can be associated with building a house in our market area through the framing, cornice and decking stages of construction. Cassity Jones cannot be held liable for variances in quantities or pricing due to varying construction methodologies or fluctuations in pricing due to changing market conditions.